AWS Lambda Error Tracking

Figuring out what went wrong in your serverless application can be a dauntnig task without a tool like Dashbird.

Errors do happen

Face it, you'll have errors, your application will go down and you will have to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. Dashbird gives you the tools you need to overcome those errors and find the right solution to fix them.

Stay in the loop

You can rest easy at nights knowing that we keep a close eye on your Lambda functions and if you happen to get an error you'll be immediately notified through your favorite channel. When an error appears you'll get an alert through slack, your email or both.

Error views are awesome!

With Dashbird you get a clear overview of your application and error stacktraces will help you troubleshoot your AWS Lambda issues a lot faster and with less of a hassle.

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Failure detection, analytics and visibility for serverless applications in under 5 minutes.

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