Easy AWS Lambda functions cost tracking & monitoring

Real-time overview of function execution cost.

Analyse and optimise your lambdas with an ease!

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Save money with real-time lambda cost tracking

Get detailed overview of your lambda functions and see how much money each one is costing you.

In addition to cost tracking, you can also check how many times your function has been invoked and keep an eye on its overall health.

Improve code with function-level error analytics

Deliver better code by analysing all the errors for specific lambda functions.

See exactly how many times, when and where the errors occurred, and fix the functions with ease.

Get a bird's-eye view of all your functions

Get a comprehensive overview of all the metrics that show you where you have the most traffic and how your system is performing across the board.

Sleep better at night, knowing that all of your lambda functions are being monitored and tracked for possible errors.

5B+ requests
per month
20K+ functions
400+ AWS
Results in 2 min, no re-deploys!

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