Debugging with Dashbird – learn how to spot and resolve all your issues.


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Dashbird Explained: the why, what and how

Here’s everything you need to know to get started with Dashbird – the complete solution for End-to-End Infrastructure observability, Real-time Error Tracking, and Well-Architected Insights.

8 Must-Know Tricks to Use S3 More Effectively in Python

The simplicity and scalability of S3 has made it a go-to platform not only for storing objects, but also to host them as static websites, serve ML models, provide backup functionality, and so much more. In this article, we’ll look at various ways to leverage the power of S3 in Python.

Can We Solve Serverless Cold Starts?

In this article, we’ll discuss cold starts: what influences serverless startup latency, and how to mitigate its impacts in our applications.

Explaining boto3: How to Use Any AWS Service with Python

What is boto3 and how to use it? In this article, we’ll look at how boto3 works and how it can help us interact with various AWS services.

Debugging with Dashbird: AWS Lambda Process Exited Before Completing Request

The “Lambda Process Exited Before Completing Request” error is mostly related to legacy behavior. Let’s solve it.

Debugging with Dashbird: Lambda Task Timed Out After X Seconds

In this article, we go over what’s causing Lambdas to time out, how to change the max time out period, and how to actually fix this issue. And no, you shouldn’t just increase the max timeout period!

Debugging with Dashbird: Lambda not logging to CloudWatch

Lambda not logging to CloudWatch is one of the most common issues that comes up. Like with any bug, this one can have multiple causes. In this interactive article, we take a look at all the causes and solutions.

Can AWS API Gateway Act as a Load Balancer?

API Gateway can replace what a Load Balancer would usually provide, with a simpler interface and many more serverless features on top of it. The downside is that it doesn’t come cheap. Find out which one to pick and what are the trade-offs.

Quickly Debug Your AWS Lambda Functions

Debugging Lambdas is hard but there are a few ways to make life easier. In this article, we’ll be looking into four different methods of how to debug AWS Lambda functions faster.

Debugging with Dashbird: Lambda Configuration Error

The “Lambda configuration error” is as generic as it gets but at the end of the day, it’s a pathing issue. Let’s go over how to resolve this.