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4 Tips for AWS Lambda Optimization for Production

In this article, we’re covering 4 tips for AWS Lambda optimization for production. Covering error handling, memory provisioning, monitoring, performance, and more.

Performance Monitoring for AWS Lambda

Monitoring helps you identify any performance issues, and it can also send you alerts and notify you of anything you might need to know.

How I Built a Data Discovery API for AWS Data Lake

Here’s how I created a Data Discovery API for AWS Data Lake. A step-by-step guide in creating FastAPI abstraction that allows us to query the AWS Glue metadata catalog.

The great serverless cost debate (Serverless = Costless)

Is having a serverless framework cheaper than having a server? It just might be. Let’s have a look and findout.

Best Practices For Logging In AWS Lambda

We cover the best practices when logging within AWS Lambda, explaining how and why these ways will simplify your AWS Lambda logging.


When to use Docker on AWS Lambda, Lambda Layers, and Lambda Extensions

Many developers adopted Docker containers into their development environment because it helps replicate the production environment as close as possible. Let’s learn when we should use Docker on AWS Lambda, Lambda Layers, and Lambda Extensions.

Debugging with Dashbird: Lambda Configuration Error

The “Lambda configuration error” is as generic as it gets but at the end of the day, it’s a pathing issue. Let’s go over how to resolve this.

Debugging with Dashbird: API Gateway Encoding not Enabled

In this quick Debugging with Dashbird article, you’ll learn what does the error API Gateway Encoding not Enabled mean, and how to handle or debug it.

Grouping AWS Lambda functions with Dashbird Project View

Dashbird’s Project Views is an easy way to split the mass of Lambda functions. Group them per project or group them in any other way that makes sense for your business. Learn how it works in this article.

3 ways of recycling third-party code for AWS Lambda

In this article, I’m trying to shine some light on the AWS Lambda Layers, Lambda Extensions, and Docker image for Lambda, in order to add third-party code to Lambda. When and how to use which method, and when to mix and match?

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