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Serverless with AWS – Triggering Lambda with SNS Messaging

If you’re like me, a sucker for event-driven programming, you’ll want to continue reading. Today we’ll take a look at triggering AWS Lambda functions from AWS SNS messages.

Serverless-side rendering with Vue.js, Nuxt.js and AWS Lambda

We want the best of both worlds. The SEO boost server-side rendering provides, and the speed of a Single Page Application. All this while hosted basically for free in a serverless environment on AWS Lambda.

Building a serverless contact form with AWS Lambda and AWS SES

This tutorial will cover the basics of both the front-end form, with vanilla JavaScript, and the serverless back end, hosted on AWS Lambda. AWS SES is the service you use for sending the actual emails and trust me, it’s so incredibly simple the configuration takes 13 seconds.

Comparing Amazon ECS with Amazon AWS Lambda

Both Amazon ECS and AWS Lambda were launched about at the same time and while they are similar in a lot of ways understanding the difference is important

Responding to AWS Lambda Errors with Serverless Application Model (SAM) Tools

A quick guide of how to respond to AWS Lambda Errors with Serverless Application Model (SAM) Tools

AWS Lambda Now Supports Node.js Version 8.10!

A best practices walkthrough of how to write efficient Node.js 8.10 code on AWS Lambda. This is packed with examples of how to re-write your existing Node.js 6.10 code as well!

Product News – Tracing Lambda Functions With AWS X-Ray

We are committed to provide the best serverless monitoring and debugging experience out there. Here’s what we have been working on lately.

Serverless 101 – AWS Lambda Basic Terms And Their Meanings

With serverless, you can run code for any type of application or backend service you can think of, and do it with zero infrastructure administration. Sounds like something you want to know more about?

AWS Lambda & Amazon EC2 – Two Paradigms, One Decision

The fundamental answer to such an obvious issue should be the provision of code by the client in any supported language if the event-managed service is to control and monitor AWS Lambda.

How to Get an Overview of C# Lambdas

Serverless has taken the world by storm and changed the way organizations write and deliver code.

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