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Lambda Metrics That You Should Be Monitoring

Your application does not need to be “huge” for it to have enough functions and abstraction to get lost in it. As a DevOps engineer, showing relevant facts and asking the right questions is crucial! But what are the crucial AWS Lambda metrics you should definitely be monitoring?

Can AWS API Gateway Act as a Load Balancer?

API Gateway can replace what a Load Balancer would usually provide, with a simpler interface and many more serverless features on top of it. The downside is that it doesn’t come cheap. Find out which one to pick and what are the trade-offs.

Dashbird becomes Gartner Cool Vendor 2021!

We’re officially cool! Dashbird is extremely proud to be named as a Cool Vendor by Gartner in Monitoring, Observability, and Cloud Operations in their 28 April report on “Cool Vendors in Monitoring, Observability and Cloud Operations”.

4 Tips for AWS Lambda Optimization for Production

In this article, we’re covering 4 tips for AWS Lambda optimization for production. Covering error handling, memory provisioning, monitoring, performance, and more.

Performance Monitoring for AWS Lambda

Monitoring helps you identify any performance issues, and it can also send you alerts and notify you of anything you might need to know.

How I Built a Data Discovery API for AWS Data Lake

Here’s how I created a Data Discovery API for AWS Data Lake. A step-by-step guide in creating FastAPI abstraction that allows us to query the AWS Glue metadata catalog.

The great serverless cost debate (Serverless = Costless)

Is having a serverless framework cheaper than having a server? It just might be. Let’s have a look and findout.

Best Practices For Logging In AWS Lambda

We cover the best practices when logging within AWS Lambda, explaining how and why these ways will simplify your AWS Lambda logging.


AWS CloudWatch alerts vs. Dashbird alerts

In this article, we’ll go over some best practices for serverless alarms so that you won’t miss out on critical information about your app ever again. We’ve also included a quick comparison between AWS CloudWatch Alerts vs Dashbird Alerts to help you pick the best solution for your use case.

Bullet-Proofing Serverless Infrastructures with Failure and Threat Detection

In serverless, it’s challenging but crucial to stay on top of what’s going on in your infrastructure at all times. Adding a monitoring solution to your stack, which offers a pre-configured serverless failure detection, should be one of the first decisions.