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Dashbird Billing Is Based On Throughput and Log Size

Dashbird is subscription based service that is billed monthly or yearly. Every account as a preset limit of data we can ingest from your AWS logs. You’ll be able to see just how much data you’ve used up by going to the “Billing” and then “Usage” section in your Dashbird application.

Data Usage

All the prices are in USD. You can edit your billing information on the Subscription page.

Annual vs monthly billing

You get 10% discount on all plans when you choose annual billing cycle on your subscription. The amount will be charged in advance and there will be no refunds based on your account activity. Get detailed quotes on the plans here.


Dashbird billing is transparent and fair. If you upgrade your plan in the middle of the billing cycle, you will charged the new plans price at that time for the rest of the month.


You will receive automatic invoices to the email that is connected with your account.

Free tier

Our Free Tier offers you one gigabyte(1GB) of data. This is based on the size of the logs we get from your AWS account. You can signup now without ever adding a credit card and you can upgrade at anytime from within the application.

14-day trial

You will automatically start your 14-day trial once you sign up for a new Dashbird account. Each organization has a separate subscription and trial period.

Once your trial has expired, system will attempt to charge you. If no billing info has been entered, your organization account will be suspended.

Ending subscription

You can end your subscription any time from your Subscription page and you will not be charged again by the next billing cycle.

NB: there will be no refunds based on the unused time on your account. You will continue to have access to all the features until your last payment credit runs out (either it was monthly or annual payment).

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