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Delete Account

There’s an internal procedure our team of engineers have to perform in order to delete your account. The process takes between 1 and 4 hours after we aknowledge your request.

To begin the deletion process, please send us a message through intercom (icon in the bottom right corner) or email us at with “Delete Account” in the subject line.

We thank you for taking the time to checkout Dashbird and while we are sorry to see you go, we’d really appreciate some honest feedback about the app. In the deletion request message, please let us know the reason you decided to discontinue using our services. We’re on a quest to develop the best monitoring tool for serverless architectures and your feedback is of highest value to team!

We aim to improve Dashbird every day and user feedback is extremely important for that, so please let us know if you have any feedback about our features and error handling! We would really appreciate it!

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