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Data importer settings

Dashbird lets you control which Lambda functions are being monitoring by managing CloudWatch log group subscriptions.

Note that filtering Lambda functions should only be use when you wish to:

  • Avoid sensitive data from reaching Dashbird
  • Reduce noise on functions that aren’t necessary to monitor for some reason
  • Optimize data-ingestion size

NB! Dashbird does not backfill data when filters are edited. You will only have data after the moment a filter was added.

NB! Filters can take up to 10 minutes to activate.

NB! Filters can be changed unlimited times.

Basics of importer configuration

  • Access the importer settings view by clicking on your organization name and selecting “Importer settings” or by going to

  • Filters consist of glob patterns, meaning you can use wildcards to define a subset of your lambda functions.

1) Exlusion of one or a few functions

If you want to monitor most of your functions but need to eliminate a few. Start by adding an inclusion filter * and then use exclusion filters to select functions not to be imported.

Note that you can also specify the region of the function!

Here’s how it should look like:

Exlusion filter example

2) Inclusion of a subset

Lets imagine that you only want to monitor productions Lambda functions and your naming convention defines a stage inside the name. You would then need to add an inclusion filter *prod*.

Exlusion filter example

3) Inclusion/Exclusion of functions from different regions

What if you want to import all with the *-dlq-* pattern from eu-central-1, while excluding all other functions. That’s pretty easy.

include one region and exclude others


Since you can add as many filters as you like, you can specify rules that follow your preferences to the letter. If you have a complex use case for filtering, feel free to contact support from the chat bubble or write at

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