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Migrate to our new data importer

The new importer works by streaming logs from CloudWatch with a Kinesis stream ensures that Dashbird does not miss a single invocation and that the delay is not dependant on the inner workings or Dashbird log-polling worker.

Improved data integrity and scalability

A major improvement is addressing the developers need for easy observability into their serverless applications. Now the latency has been shaved down to under 30 seconds. With the old importer you’d have to wait around 2 minutes to see function updates in the dashboard so getting that number lower was a big win.

What this means for you is that you will be able to basically monitor your app in real time.

Steps to migrate to the new importer

Migrating to our new importer and getting all the benefits is incredibly easy. The legends in our engineering team have created a CloudFormation stack for you that automates the migration process. Just press the pretty pink button!

Start the migration

Here’s how simple it really is.

  • In Dashbird you press the create new cloudformation stack link, it will take you to your AWS account.
  • Following the instructions you’ll see it creates a DasbirdIntegrationRoleArn.
  • Copy it, paste it in the field as specified, and press Finish.

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