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Dashbird Central Account Overview

The Account Overview will is the central place for learning about all the various account settings you can configure in your Dashbird account.

Profile Settings

Check the Profile Settings for a more detailed explanation.
Navigate to the User Settings by pressing User MenuProfile.

User settings

After reaching the User settings you’ll have the freedom to edit your general account settings, change your password if you so wish, and of course tweak your E-mail notification settings.

User settings

Read about the User Settings in more detail here!

Organization Settings

Check the Client Settings for a more detailed explanation.
Navigate to the Client Settings by pressing Organization MenuImporter Settings.

Importer settings

After reaching the Client settings you’ll have the option to filter in/out your Lambda Functions.
By default, all Lambdas are imported (*). Filters are glob patterns, meaning you can specify which Lambda Functions you want to import by matching a string and a wildcard (*).



The Alerting tab let’s you enable company-wide alerts if your Lambda Functions are experiencing any errors.


To read more about Alerting jump over to that section in our docs, or check out our Organization Settings walkthrough.


The Subscriptions tab defines which subscription you are currently using, with the options of upgrading to other plans.

Invite users

If you wish, you can go ahead and invite users to your organization. This way all your team members can have access to the same Organization in your Dashbird account.

Invite Users

Take a more concrete peek at these settings over here!

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