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Dashbird Free Trial & Subscriptions

Dashbird subscriptions are based on your data usage and throughput. Dashbird usage is billed in advance per organization monthly or yearly.

Different Dashbird subscriptions

Free tier

Our Free Tier offers you one gigabyte(1GB) of data. This is based on the size of the logs we get from your AWS account. You can signup now without ever adding a credit card and you can upgrade at anytime from within the application.

14-day trial

You will automatically start your 14-day trial once you sign up for a new Dashbird account. Each organization has a separate subscription and trial period.

You will have unlimited access to all the Dashbird plans and features during the trial period. After the trial period ends, you are asked to add your credit card information on the Subscription page in order to subscribe to a specific plan and to keep using Dashbird. You can also choose to use the free plan.

Support for non-profits and startups

We are helping out startups with special discounts. In order to get it, please write to us and answer following questions:

  • How did you find Dashbird?
  • How could you introduce Dashbird to others?
  • Blog post topic ideas that you would be willing to write and that would feature Dashbird.
  • Your account info and what what kind of support are you looking for?

Discounts for content contributors

We are giving special discounts or extended trial time in return of content contributions (either in our blog or as a guest post). Specific deals are agreed upon case-by-case. Get in touch to learn more!

Special features

  • Professional and Enterprise plans all have extra features that are not included in the Free plan. These features are Log Search and Webhooks.
  • All paid plan types include customer support

Ending subscription

You can end your subscription any time from your Subscription page and you will not be charged again by the next billing cycle.

There will be no refunds based on the unused time on your account. You will continue to have access to all the features until your last payment credit runs out (either it was monthly or annual payment).

In case your’re looking to cancel your account - not only end the subscription - please check out the Cancel Account page in our documentation.

Check out what features Dashbird offers and how these can be valuable to you!

We aim to improve Dashbird every day and user feedback is extremely important for that, so please let us know if you have any feedback about our features and error handling! We would really appreciate it!

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