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Dashbird Serverless Monitoring Step By Step Guide

Dashbird’s goal is to give you an easy way to monitor your AWS Lambda Functions. We manage this through the concept of using Organizations, where one organization is one connected AWS Account. Check this out for a more detailed explanation!

But for now, let’s jump into explaining the Organization settings.

Importer settings

Go ahead and navigate to the Importer settings page. It's in the top right section of the app under the organization name.

By default, all Lambdas are imported (*).

Add one or more filters to select the right subset of Lambda Functions. Filters are glob patterns, meaning you can specify which Lambda Functions you want to import by matching a string and a wildcard(*). For instance, filter *-prod-* matches all function names like service-prod-functionName.



The Alerting tab let’s you enable company-wide alerts if your Lambda Functions are experiencing any errors. You can toggle digestions if errors keep happening, and enable sending e-mails or notifications to a Slack integration. To read more about Alerting jump over to that section in our docs.



The Subscriptions tab defines which subscription you are currently using, with the options of upgrading to other plans.

Invite users

If you wish, you can go ahead and invite users to your organization. This way all your team members can have access to the same Organization in your Dashbird account.

Invite Users

On the Invite users tab you can see which users are connected to the organization. It’s as easy as just pressing the Add+ button and filling out a form, to add another user.

Invite User Modal

The Organization settings make a lot more sense now. Moving on let’s check out the general layout of the Dashbird app!

Left Side Navigation

The side navigation is your primary means of navigating between Dashbird’s main features. You can:

  • List all Lambda Functions
  • Debug Functions with Live Tailing
  • Check your Alerts
  • List all Projects
  • Do an account-wide search

Main Dashboard

The main dashboard is what you’ll see once you sign in to your Dashbird account. It’s where your most important metrics are, and where you have a bird’s eye perspective on your whole system! Of course, you can navigate back to the main dashboard by clicking the Dashbird logo in the top left corner of your screen.

Main Dashboard

You can quickly filter metrics based on when they occurred. Last 24h, yesterday, this week or this month are the quick settings which are available.

The main dashboard is also where you can have a glimpse at your errors and alerts. All of them are readily available to see in more detail through hot links in the UI.

This wraps up the Get Started section, go ahead and move on to the User Guide for more hands-on tutorials on how to get the best out of Dashbird!

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