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Serverless monitoring and debugging guides, best practices and feature overviews.

Dashbird Serverless Monitoring & Debugging Features

Dashbird makes sure your application works at all times. It works by collecting logs through your AWS Cloudwatch API.

By fetching existing logs from your AWS account, Dashbird helps you have a bird’s eye perspective on all lambda functions, resources, and services.

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Real-Time Lambda Insights

See actionable and instant metrics of errors, invocations, durations and memory usage. Troubleshoot and analyze each invocation with log and runtime data.

Main dashboard

Error Alerting and Debugging

Get alerts of errors across all your lambda functions. Stack traces and context helps you troubleshoot errors quickly and easily.

Project dashboard

Overview of All Functions

Metrics that show you where you have the most traffic and how your system is performing across the board.

Function dashboard

Global and Local Search

Quickly and painlessly search through the logs of from one or multiple lambdas.

Invocation view

Seamless Tracing of Invocations

Dashbird seamlessly integrates with X-ray, giving you great insights of what your invocation actually does.

Error view

Live Function Tailing

Dashbird makes debugging easy. Receive logs for your functions in real-time.

Error view

Monitor Limited Sets of Functions

Dashbird lets you create projects of hand-picked lambdas to monitor. Want a dedicated dashboard only showing the functions you have in production? Easy, create a project.

Error view

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