Dashbird Documentation

Serverless monitoring and debugging guides, best practices and feature overviews.

What Is Dashbird?

Dashbird is a service to monitor, debug and improve your lambda functions.

It’s tailor made to help develop serverless apps.

Using serverless architectures is one of the fastest and cheapest ways of building scalable and cheap back-end applications. Yet, with large architectures, they can sometimes be hard to monitor and debug.

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Core Benefits

Dashbird provides an overview of all lambda executions across your entire account. Making it incredibly easy to keep an eye on all lambda functions and to know what’s going on at any given moment.

Main dashboard

Project View

Dashbird allows you to group lambda functions any way you like. This allows you to construct a dashboard for a service or set of functions. It will outline the load, any problems you might face, the cost and other important metrics.

Project dashboard

Function View

This dashboard shows health, cost and other meaningful statistics of a single lambda function. You can also see the invocation history and pinpoint errors at a glance.

Function dashboard

Invocation View

An overview with logs for each invocation.

Invocation view

Error Tracking

Track your lambdas in real time and debug errors with stack traces, just like you’re used to.
Dashbird detects errors in your code as well. You can fix errors immediately when something is visibly wrong!

Error view

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