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Serverless monitoring and debugging guides, best practices and feature overviews.

Instant Alerting with Dashbird

The ability to get notified about issues in any part of your application with human-readable messages and sensible logs will save your company hours of debugging and you from staying up at night.


No error is left behind

Dashbird monitors your entire application and detects all types of errors in a wide range of programming languages.
Want to know what we cover?

  • crashes
  • early exits
  • timeouts
  • cold starts
  • runtime errors
  • configuration errors

Remember, all of this works for all programming languages supported by AWS Lambda including Node.js, Python, Java, and C#, among many others.

By pressing the alerts button on the left navigation panel you can reach the Alerts page in the Dashbird app. Here you have an overview of all errors in your system.



All the data you need to troubleshoot errors are at your disposal. Stack traces, previous occurrences, logs and trends for each and every error are available and presented to you in a human friendly manner! By pressing the More info button regarding a particular error, you will see the error page with all the info you need to debug the issue.


Instant notifications

Choose what suits you most. Get notified through E-mail or Slack, or why not both!?

Make the most out of Dashbird and get started with debugging!