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Dashbird Integrations

You can integrate Dashbird with different tools in order to get error alerts in the channels that make the most sense for your use case.


Get instant error alerts in your Slack channels. To set it up, go to Alerts section from the upper right menu and on the bottom part of the Alerting section click on the Slack logo and configure the settings. Here you can choose the Slack channel where the error alerts will get delivered.

Slack integration with Dashbird

You can also use alert digestion, which means you will get alerted every x minutes about the errors that have happened. This can also be configured on the Alerts page.


Webhooks are the foundation for all integrations out of Dashbird. To create an integration with other services, we recommend first integrating Dashbird with Zapier and then using an integration from Zapier to other services.

How it works:

  1. you have an endpoint
  2. you set up a webhook from Dashbird side to push events to that endpoint
  3. every time we have a certain event that will be pushed there


Webhooks can be set up separately for each lambda. To configure a webhook, open up lambda list and select the function you want to integrate. You can access the configuration screen under Webhooks tab.

As a first request after configuring a webhook, Dashbird will try to validate the remote endpoint. For that a POST request with a following payload is made.

    "ref": "1f3ac2f4-c25f-42c6-a131-08b7575abdb5",
    "createdAt": 1518048245419,
    "event": "VALIDATION"

The endpoint is considered valid when the remote endpoint responds with the following payload.

  "status": "success"

If the remote endpoint fails to respond with this payload, the request will be retried with 30 second intervals for 3 times. After which, you can manually retry the webhook with the refresh button.

Supported events

You can choose the events on which the requests are triggered. We will add more in the future.

INVOCATION_ERROR - triggers each time a lambda execution fails

ERROR_GROUP_CREATED - triggers each time a new error has occurred

ERROR_GROUP_UPDATED - triggers if a new error occurrence was found in importing patch. A new importing patch is imported about every minute, given that the lambda function is active enough.

Check out how you can set up error alerting and daily account summaries via email too!