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Using Multiple Organizations & Setting Up New Ones


You can currently onboard one AWS account, connect it to Dashbird and access it through the same interface as your personal user account. We call the connected AWS account an organization. You can check it out by hovering on the top right dropdown menu.

Using multiple organizations with Dashbird

Multiple Organizations

We are working hard on creating the ability to merge multiple AWS accounts into one Dashbird account. Stay tuned, it will be up-and-running as soon as possible!

But, if you really want to have it right away let us know and we’ll implement a custom solution for you. Press the tiny chat bubble in the bottom right corner to let us know!

In this case, each organization:

  • is connected to separate AWS account and only shows data for that account
  • is billed separately according to the chosen plan and subscription type
  • has different user accounts connected to it
  • has different importing and alerting configurations

Check out how you can set up alerting for your organization!

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