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Creating Projects for grouping Lambda Functions with Dashbird

Dashbird let’s you create projects of hand-picked Lambdas to monitor. Want a dedicated dashboard only showing the functions you have in production? Easy, create a project.

Monitor Limited Sets of Functions

We at Dashbird want to give you an experience you are already used to. Having multiple environments for development, staging and production is a requirement for any real-life system. Projects can make this a reality.

You choose which functions to add to a project. This project will then get it’s own dedicated dashboards where you can monitor, analyze, and debug your functions.

By pressing the Project Views button on the left navigation panel you’ll reach the Project Page where you can see a list of your projects.

Project List

Create a new Project

By pressing the big green button at the top right part of the Project Page you'll open up a popup for creating a new Project.

The way to add Functions is through a filtering process. By using glob patterns you choose which Functions to add.

Use some-service- to include and !some-service-prod- to exclude Lambda Functions.

Project Dashboard

Having dedicated dashboards for different environments can improve your team’s separation of concerns. You can monitor and debug different environments and divide your system into multiple logical units.

Project Dashboard

Get started with Projects by adding them to your account!

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