AWS Lambda Architecture Monitoring

How it works?

Account level metrics and observability

  • Invocation volumes
  • Error detection & alerting
  • Concurrent executions
  • Cost & billed time
  • Error rates
  • Durations
  • Memory usage
  • System health

Dashboard for your Serverless microservice

  • Observ execution volumes
  • Detect outlying functions
  • Cost control
  • Memory utilisaton graphs
  • Error rates
  • Resource allocation

Detailed profiling and troubleshooting

  • Invocation graphs
  • Memory and duration stats
  • Invocation timeline
  • Spot retries
  • Live tailing
  • Log searching
  • Function error breakdowns
  • Cost control

Invocation-level breakdown of code execution

  • Logs
  • Duration breakdown
  • Function information
  • Memory utilisaton
  • CloudWatch reference
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