Comprehensive visibility for cloud apps

Full Observability for managed cloud systems: metrics, alerting, distributed tracing, log aggregation and insights

All-in-One Managed Observability

Seamless integration with modern cloud infrastructures to deliver:

  • Log aggregation and analytics
  • Monitoring of the entire cloud stack in one single place
  • Conformity with architectural and configuration best practices
  • Metrics and built-in alerting policies

Quick Discovery and Resolution of Issues

Dashbird aggregates logs and correlates application execution with distributed traces

  • Narrow down sources of issues
  • Identify underperformant resources
  • Quickly navigate application logs
  • Track logs that span multiple cloud resources

Metrics and Built-in Alerting

  • Monitor resources closely from rich metrics dashboards
  • Identify low performant or under utilized components
  • Receive alerts about potential sources for failure
  • Automated detection and alerting of software and platform issues

Everything you need and more

Get started in 5

Dashbird requires no code changes to your Lambdas. Instead, you’ll have to deploy a preconfigured CloudFormation template.

Easy to use

Dashbird started from a team building large serverless applications at scale. It solves real-world and current development problems.

Up to date

Our Insight rules and error detection features know how modern applications can fail and listen to those events.

Stellar support

We are here for you 24/7 and happy to guide you in solving your serverless challenges.

No performance impact

Dashbird does not affect performance of your functions or other resources. You can use it risk-free.

Safe and secure

Battle-tested and reviewed, we follow best-practices around security and compliance.

Made by Engineers for Engineers

Our past and present is deeply rooted in building at-scale applications on modern cloud technologies. Dashbird was born in 2017 from our need. We take great pride in being developers

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