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Behind the scenes

We're a small group of developers from Estonia. Passionate about all
things Serverless, we want to make functions better for everybody.

Mikk Kirstein


Mikk is a kick-ass developer who, among other things, built the entire back-end of Dashbird.

He's also an aspiring kite-surfer and a father to a miniature bull terrier pup. Next time you talk to him, ask him anything about Node.js or Lambda functions.

Taavi Rehemägi


Little bit of this, little bit of that. Developer by heart.

Taavi is a skydiver and a godfather to Mikk's puppy. In addition, he occasionally coaches kitesurfing, just to be sure the back-end guy stays alive.

Annika Helendi


Annika has no development background what-so-ever and thinks Lambdas are engine parts for old automobiles. Nobody has had the heart to tell her otherwise which has resulted in unusually high rates of traffic from car enthusiasts due to misdirected marketing efforts.

She steals our lunch money when we try to make fun of her.

Adnan Rahić


Adnan is a unicorn. He's a developer, teacher and author with experience in Serverless, and DevOps.

He talks way too much for being a developer, and practices magic when nobody is around. Not strange at all.

Reigo Hein


Reigo is a GDPR activist, a social justice warrior and a heavy metal fan. He constantly hustles the rest of us to use Linux and makes screeching noises towards servers as a profession.

We’re glad he’s on our side.

John Demian


John has previously worked as a front-end developer and is now an SEO mastermind casting spells towards Google.

We suspect he has uploaded his consciousness into the internet and has full awareness of all things.