Great insights and smart error alerting for serverless

Log based AWS Lambda monitoring, tracing, error alerting and debugging for agile businesses. 2-minute setup, no code changes!

+77% deliver speed
5 workdays saved in a month per developer
-26% monthly AWS bill
Great performance overview &
actionable alerts
Dashbird connects with your AWS account to collect and analyse CloudWatch logs and it integrates with X-Ray to offer the best overview for serverless monitoring, tracing, error-alerting and debugging.
Get instant overview

Dashbird provides quick overview of everything going on in your serverless infrastructure including invocation volumes, failures, latency and overall health.

Instant failure detection and error alerts

You can get notified via Slack integration or emails about errors like: crashes, early exits, timeouts, cold starts, runtime errors and configuration errors.

Effortless debugging and troubleshooting.

Take advantage of Dashbird's error diagnostics, advance log searching, function statistics, live tailing and tracing to troubleshoot and deliver better serverless applications.

Track the full extent on invocation flow.

Get duration metrics through AWS X-Ray and see how long it took to read and write data to DynamoDB or any other AWS service.

Search through invocations

Need to find something? Dashbird supports lightning fast search across all your invocation logs.

Receive proper alerts

Dashbird alerts on code failures and provides context for easy fixes. Yes, we have a Slack integration.

Easy debugging

Dashbird helps you understand the scope of the issues with understand-able logs and pinpoints the date they were introduced.

Find bottlenecks with Traces

Dashbird is seamlessly integrated with AWS X-Ray. Just click on a invocation and see where your time went!

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