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Actionable Serverless Monitoring

AWS Lambda monitoring, alerting and debugging made easy.

2-min setup, no code changes!

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5B+ requests
per month
20K+ functions
400+ AWS
Core Benefits

Instant overview, in real time!

Dashbird keeps an eye on both account and function level
metrics as well as duration and memory usage.
See exactly what's working and what's not.

Improve speed, health and cost efficiency

Dashbird visualizes all your AWS Lambda metrics like
memory utilization, invocation count, and execution duration.

What others say about us <3

Search through all your invocations

Need to find something?
Dashbird supports lightning fast search across all your invocation logs.

Receive proper alerts

Dashbird alerts on code failures and provides context for easy fixes. Yes, we have Slack integration.

Easy debugging

Dashbird helps you understand the scope of the issues with understandable logs and pinpoints the date they were introduced.

Find bottlenecks with Traces

Dashbird is seamlessly integrated with AWS X-Ray.
Just click on a invocation and see where your time went!

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