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Monitor serverless apps on AWS.

Detect and fix problems in seconds. Operate with confidence.

We support all AWS Lambda runtimes

Leading serverless observability platform.

Built from the ground up to manage serverless applications in development and at scale.

See into your serverless applications.


Deep observability into serverless.

  • Quickly navigate logs, metrics and traces.
  • Visualize resource usage and find bottlenecks.

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Error alerting and debugging.

  • Find errors and anomalies quickly.
  • Understand the root cause.

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Speed and cost optimization.

  • Identify parts of the system that are costing the most.
  • Pinpoint the cause of slow functions.

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What makes us different?

Easy to set up

Dashbird requires no code changes to your Lambdas. Instead, you’ll have to deploy a preconfigured CloudFormation template.

Built for serverless

Dashbird started from a team building large serverless applications at scale. It solves real-world and current development problems.

Our users love us

We’re on a mission to help as many companies succeed with serverless as possible. Over 1000 companies already use Dashbird.

Why do over 500 teams use Dashbird daily?

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