Agentless monitoring and error detection for serverless

Error, incident detection and end-to-end visibility across thousands of cloud resources.

Set up in 2 minutes. No credit card required.
85%reduced downtime
50%quicker time to market
80%faster time to resolution

See into your serverless applications at any scale

With end-to-end visibility across your cloud infrastructure, you can respond to issues quickly and always stay ahead quality and performance problems. Dashbird is purpose built for serverless and comes equipped with hundreds of alarms, insights and tailored visualisation and investigative capabilities.

Gartner Cool Vendor of the year in observability.

"Dashbird offers a novel approach to observability and monitoring for complex and hyper-scaled serverless workloads."

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Set up in minutes, agentlessly.

Instead of code level instrumentation (or Lambda Layers), Dashbird automatically collects data from different sources that already exist in your cloud environment.

All you have to do is deploy a CloudFormation template that gives Dashbird read-only permissions. It takes two minutes to set up and you get access to all functionality.

Purpose built for the serverless spectrum

Serverless is much more than just Lambdas. Dashbird provides visibility and insights into the whole range of cloud-native services that you are using.

API Gateway
Simple Queue Service
Kinesis Analytics
Simple Notification Service
Step Functions

Slice your observability costs in half

Observability for serverless can be expensive because of the number of cloud resources and sheer volume of observability data. Dashbird is priced to support serverless infrastructures big and small - we don't punish you for having a highly distributed infrastructure, logging out tons of information or setting loads of alarms. We only charge based on the amount of invocations.


Bridge the cloud knowledge gap

Keeping up with the latest best practices of cloud is a challenge for any team. Dashbird guides your team towards resilient, secure and high-quality software by utilising years of research and experience from a community of engineers, cloud architects and serverless experts. You don't need to be a DevOps expert to support your application in production.


Part of the engineering culture for thousands

Thousands of developers from serverless-first companies rely on Dashbird to deliver software to their users.

Dashbird alleviates the pain of managing and troubleshooting serverless applications by providing real-time monitoring and automated error detection, enabling our engineering team to swiftly identify and resolve issues, ensuring seamless performance and operational excellence.

Thanks to Dashbird the time to discover the occurrence of an issue reduced from 2-4 hours to a matter of seconds or minutes. It also means that hundreds of dollars are saved every month.

Great onboarding: it takes just a couple of minutes to connect an AWS account to an organization in Dashbird.
The Ul is clean and gives a good overview of what is happening with the Lambdas and API Gateways in the account.

AWS accounts connected
3 million
cloud resources monitored
active users and counting

Situational awareness for everyone in your team

Understanding the application and user-experience shouldn't be limited to engineers. Dashbird enables easy access to observability data, get answers to their questions and track things they consider important.

EngineeringFaster iteration speed and quality

Slash development and troubleshooting time in half by running investigations on observability data with ease.

DevOpsFind and fix issues quickly

Achieve coverage for all known and unknown failures across your infrastructure and never miss an issue with your service.

SecuritySecurity and compliance review

Get continuous evaluation of posture and security across your cloud infrastructure and improve it with actionable insights.

ArchitectCost, performance and reliability insights

Pinpoint cost, performance and reliability bottlenecks with intelligent insights and remedy instructions.

Start making data-driven decisions today

Deploy a light CloudFormation stack to your AWS in less than 2 minutes. No code changes or instrumentation.