NewStore reduced discovery time of an issue from days to 2 hours


Retail order management (Saas)


Berlin, Germany

  • Reduced discovery time of an issue from days to 2 hours 
  • Full visibility of all NewStore systems, and monitoring capabilities of its customer’s integrations
  • Dashbird provided a simple 2-minute setup, with no additional code changes, allowing for easy scaling

Starting point 

NewStore offers an omnichannel store solution for global retail brands. Their integration layer is entirely serverless, with each customer having their own dedicated AWS accounts for the various stages needed including production and staging. By setting a standard for all integrators to use AWS, NewStore is able to help customers on their journey from initial setup through to CI/CD and ongoing monitoring, and can easily jump in to help when issues arise.

The Challenge

NewStore recognized the need for visibility on how all of its own and its customers’ integrations were running. There is the need to run smoothly and consistently, particularly as its business model is based on revenue share. If its customers weren’t making any money, NewStore wouldn’t either.

When researching and performing Proof of Concepts with other serverless monitoring tools in the market, it found that while flexibility was available, a lot of additional work would be involved for full integration and customization for specific reporting capabilities. 

We needed an easy solution to set up to enable us to scale. 

The time to discover integration issues grew with the number of customers and integration complexity. It was crucial to identify issues in a timely manner and ideally before its customers noticed the issue.

How is Dashbird used?

Dashbird is fully integrated with the integration layer of NewStore, running on AWS, notifying the team on every crash or reporting issue and catching a wide scope of errors previously not found. With Dashbird, the team can see processing issues with a data object, for example for order and returns, as well as any issues from third-party systems that they are integrated with. 

When an issue comes up, we want to know where it’s located, and we do with Dashbird.

NewStore also uses Dashbird to provide Lambda analysis, using select channels for reporting and exposure. The use of webhooks and emails help to quickly inform the technical customer support team while creating cases to specific problems, all enabling faster investigation and remediation. It shows greater proactiveness to the customer and means less firefighting internally.

NewStore also worked closely with Dashbird on building a roadmap of features, including the recently launched Metric Alerts. The feature monitors SQS queues and API gateways for NewStore finding anomalies and issues earlier on

The Solution 

NewStore has found a solution with Dashbird that gives it full visibility of its serverless stack, and the integrations of its customers. It has helped to reduce the discovery time of an issue from days to 2 hours, improve the company’s reputation, and avoid entire crashes

With the use of dedicated Slack channel notifications, first and second line support are able to action fixes faster and avoid issues having more knock-on effects

Working with Dashbird has also allowed NewStore to customize reporting to meet its specific needs and to request new features, which provides even greater monitoring and visibility across its entire serverless stack


NewStore GmbH

NewStore offers an omnichannel store solution for global retail brands. Its cloud platform combines POS, order management, inventory, and clienteling, enabling retailers to run their stores entirely on iPhones.

Dimitri Gatowski

Dimitri is Senior Solution Architect at NewStore. He joined NewStore in it’s founding year of 2015 and has been part of many successful NewStore platform rollouts since then. Before joining NewStore his main focus was in e-commerce as a software engineer and architect.