Bridge the cloud knowledge gap

Dip into the expertise of serverless veterans to build secure and reliable applications.

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Conform to industry best practices

Bring your serverless application up to industry standards in security, reliability, cost effectiveness and performance with Dashbirds industry-leading library of insights and scans.

Expert evaluation of your application

Dashbird makes it easy to set alarms across your application in an easy way. Set alarms for product-specific KPIs or SLAs to protect your business against bad user experience and contract violations.

Step-by-step remedy instructions

Dashbird comes with hundreds of prebuilt alarms and rules that detect even the most unexpected service degradation across all serverless services.

Intelligent alert management for any insight

Dashbird scans all of your application logs in real-time to detect all issues. One-click correlation of logs, metrics, traces and historical activity makes debugging a breeze.

Intelligent incident management

Reduce mean-time-to-resolution with automated event-correlation, incident prioritization and deep integration into developer workflow tooling.

Custom event monitoring

Track any event across your observability data and trigger a notification for immediate response.

Over 20 out-of-the-box integrations to cover the serverless spectrum

Serverless is much more than just Lambdas. Dashbird provides visibility and insights into the whole range of cloud-native services that you are using.

API Gateway
Simple Queue Service
Kinesis Analytics
Simple Notification Service
Step Functions

What makes Dashbird different?


Set up in minutes without any instrumentation, agents or additional infrastructure deployed to your cloud environment. All you have to do is deploy a simple CloudFormation stack that gives us read-only permissions.

Automated coverage of all infrastructure

Dashbird continuously discovers and monitors your dynamic infrastructure. Add new AWS accounts or services at any time, knowing that we have you covered from the get-go.

Shields against all known and unknown failures

Pinpoint and fix all errors and incidents with Dashbird's industry-leading library of detectors, alarms and insights that work out-of-the-box.

Bridge the cloud knowledge gap

Up-skill your engineering team with the latest cloud knowledge and best practices. Dashbird comes with hundreds of checks, insights and opinionated visualisations to your serverless stack that help you make better decisions.

Get to actionable insights in 2 minutes.

Deploy a light CloudFormation stack to your AWS in less than 2 minutes. No code changes or instrumentation.