DynamoDB table is not encrypted with a customer-managed CMK

Checks for use of customer-managed CMKs to help protect sensitive applications, adhere to your organization’s policies, meet compliance and regulatory requirements, and maintain an additional secure copy of your encryption keys outside of AWS.

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Severity: INFO
Interval: 1 day

Why do I see this?

You are still using the default AWS owned Customer Master Key (CMK) or an AWS-managed CMK to encrypt your DynamoDB tables.

What does this mean?

DynamoDB tables are encrypted by default, but if you don’t specify a customer-managed CMK, you are using AWS’s keys. While this is cheaper and moves much of the encryption-related work like key rotation etc., to AWS, it gives you less control over your security.

Bringing your own Customer Master Keys (CMKs) helps with:

  • Protecting sensitive applications.
  • Adhering to your organization’s policies.
  • Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Maintaining an additional secure copy of your encryption keys outside of AWS.

When you specify a customer-managed CMK as the table-level encryption key, your DynamoDB table, local and global secondary indexes, and streams are encrypted with the same customer-managed CMK.

On-demand backups are encrypted with the table-level encryption key specified when the backups were created.

How do I fix this?

You can use a customer-managed CMK to encrypt your data in one step in the AWS Management Console, with a simple API call or the AWS CLI.

This rule resolution is part of the Dashbird Serverless Well Architected Reports tool for AWS. Dashbird features a collection of rules and checks continuously applied to your infrastructure, surfacing ways to improve it.

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