DynamoDB Table or GSI near capacity

Checks for risk of throttling in your DynamoDB Table or Global Secondary Index.

Dashbird continuously monitors and analyses your serverless applications to ensure reliability, cost and performance optimisation and alignment with the Well Architected Framework.

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Severity: CRITICAL
Interval: 15 minutes
Time slot: 1 hour



Why do I see this?

One of your tables or its global secondary indexes (GSIs) has many reads/writes that could eventually exceed its provisioned throughput, degrading its performance.

What does this mean?

Some amount of throttling can be expected and handled by your application. However, if throttling occurs frequently or you’re unsure of the underlying reasons, this calls for additional investigation.

How do I fix this?

Set sufficient provisioned capacity for your tables and their GSIs.

On-demand tables might be throttled because their traffic is more than double the previous peak or their traffic exceeds the pre-partition maximum.

AWS recommends giving GSIs at least the same or more provisioned write capacity than its base table.

This rule resolution is part of the Dashbird Serverless Well Architected Reports tool for AWS. Dashbird features a collection of rules and checks continuously applied to your infrastructure, surfacing ways to improve it.

Find and fix other errors and anomalies in DynamoDB.

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