SQS queue is abandoned

Checks if an SQS has seen any activity for the past 3 days. If not, the queue is considered to be abandoned.

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Severity: INFO
Interval: 1 day
Time slot: 3 days


Why do I see this?

One of your queues has not seen any activity in the last three days.

What does this mean?

It is good practice to remove unused queues entirely. If left unaddressed, they can be a security threat and leave your system open for exploitation.

SQS queue is abandoned. How do I fix this?

Check if it’s okay that this queue didn’t have an activity or if something is wrong here. If the queue has been forgotten, you should delete it.

This rule resolution is part of the Dashbird Serverless Well Architected Reports tool for AWS. Dashbird features a collection of rules and checks continuously applied to your infrastructure, surfacing ways to improve it.

Read more about the best-practices of monitoring SQS queues, identifying bottlenecks and issues and pre-empting problems automatically.

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