See into your
serverless applications.

Deliver perfect user experiences with real-time visibility, alerting and troubleshooting for applications built on AWS Lambda. Dashbird allows you to develop faster and operate production workloads with confidence with no code changes.

Error and root cause detection.
  • Error detection and alerting

    Dashbird detects all possible failures in your serverless apps. Including crashes, early exits, timeouts and configuration errors unique to Lambda functions.
  • Conditional alerting

    Get alerts when latency, cost or any other metric goes out of control.
  • X-ray integration

    Connect an X-ray trace for every invocation, and see exactly what failed or took too much time.
  • Alerting

    Dashbird integrates with Slack, email and webhooks, with many other integrations to come in the future.
Observability through logs, metrics and traces.
  • Insights

    Understand what's going on in your serverless environment at all times.
  • Function, microservice and account-wide metrics

    Overview and detailed statistics into Lambda function activity, cost and latency. among other things.
  • Full text search and live tailing

    Managed ElasticSearch for your AWS Lambda logs.
  • Connect logs with X-ray traces

    Seamless integration with AWS X-ray finds execution profiles for all invocations.
Performance and cost optimization.
  • Cost and latency statistics

    Cost and performance breakdown for each function. Find where your service is slow or wasting too much money.
  • Cold start detection

    See all the cold-starts and analyze the impact.
  • Memory utilisation metrics

    Find over- or underprovisioned Lambda functions to optimise performance and cost.

Why over 500 teams use Dashbird daily?

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Going Serverless

a Shamrock Corp case study

The DevOps team at Shamrock Corp devised a winning strategy to migrate from a cluster of servers to fully serverless architecture. They are not only saving hundreds of hours of development time, but also managed to cut $100,000 from cloud spending. Learn how Shamrock team reduced uncertainty and increased visibility over their application during migration to mitigate the risk of failure.