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Visibility and alerting for serverless applications

Deliver perfect user experiences with real-time visibility, alerting and troubleshooting for event-driven architectures on AWS Lambda. Dashbird allows you to develop faster and operate production workloads with confidence. No code changes are required!

Failure detection & alerting
There's a lot more!
Slack integration
With our Slack integration you get instant notifications to your desired channel.
Live tailing
Receive log streams for your functions in real-time.
X-Ray integration
Seamless integration with X-Ray gives you proper insight into what your invocation is doing.
How we collect data?
By fetching data directly from CloudWatch APIs there is absolutely no overhead of using Dashbird.
Data retention
We store your data for 30 days, making sure you have access to all logs and invocations for the last month, while aggregations can last longer.
No additional AWS cost
With Dashbird, no additional charges are added to your AWS bill.
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Failure detection, analytics and visibility for serverless applications in under 5 minutes.

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