AWS Monitoring Using Amazon's Well-Architected Framework

Dashbird is the #1 centralized observability platform for automatic debugging, monitoring, and alerting for AWS serverless services.

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AWS Lambda Monitoring

  • Proactively monitor AWS Lambda errors through traces and logs
  • Detect trends in and optimize Lambda performance
  • Enhanced observability for AWS CloudWatch metrics


Read how Dashbird monitors AWS Lambda

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AWS API Gateway Monitoring

  • Real-time overview of all API executions
  • Detailed statistics of throughput, latency, and more
  • Detect all 4xx and 5xx errors


Read how Dashbird monitors API Gateway

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AWS Step Functions Monitoring

  • Monitor Step Functions with ease
  • Track activities and executions starts, successes, failures, timeouts, and more
  • Cut costs on AWS Step Functions


Read how Dashbird monitors AWS Step Functions

aws step functions monitoring

AWS SQS Monitoring

  • Monitor and analyze Amazon SQS queue metrics
  • Manage SQS dead letter queues
  • Custom alarms for specific events


Read how Dashbird monitors AWS SQS

aws sqs monitoring

AWS DynamoDB Monitoring

  • Monitor read/write operations, throttled events, latency, and more
  • Find which requests exceed the provisioned throughput quotas


Read how Dashbird monitors AWS DynamoDB

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AWS Kinesis Monitoring

  • Monitor all incoming and outgoing requests 
  • Instant alerts of delays and throttles
  • Stay on top of infrastructure health


Read how Dashbird monitors AWS Kinesis

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AWS ECS Monitoring

  • Monitor CPU and memory usage
  • Power-tune your ECS containers
  • Monitor at the cluster and service-level


Read how Dashbird monitors AWS ECS

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Your entire serverless stack in one place

In addition to AWS Lambda functions, Dashbird also covers detailed observability for API Gateways, SQS queues, ECS containers, Kinesis streams, Step Functions, and DynamoDB tables.

Access logs, metrics, and tracing data all in one place.

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Easy setup – no configuration needed

  • Fast and seamless setupno code changes required. Just deploy CloudFormation template to your AWS.
  • Dashbird continuously collects and filters your log data to detect failures in your system, that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Integrating with Slack, email, SNS and webhooks.
  • Our pricing fits your stack – use Dashbird for free forever for smaller infrastructures, or pick your monthly package based on your invocations count.
  • Start optimizing and cutting costs on your AWS Lambdas right away.


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Supported AWS services

Dashbird in a nutshell

Bird’s Eye View

Dashbird offers a comprehensive overview of your AWS services by integrating with AWS CloudWatch, while invocation level data is enriched with X-Ray. View metrics instantly on the dashboard to quickly understand traffic trends and performance.

Quick Troubleshooting

Automatically detects failures and uses machine learning algorithms for anomaly detection. For any failures, the Error View brings together all relevant detail, such as the full stack trace, occurrence count, and logs, to enable faster and easier troubleshooting.

Automated Alerts

Enable quicker fixes by integrating Dashbird with your Slack channel and email to send alerts as soon as an error occurs. No more nasty surprises for you or your customers.

Optimize Performance

Get insights into account, microservice and function level performance metrics so you can optimize functions for better performance and speed.

What our customers say

Dashbird gives us a simple and easy to use tool to have peace of mind and know that all of our Serverless functions are running correctly. We are instantly aware now if there’s a problem. We love the fact that we have enough information in the Slack notification itself to take appropriate action immediately and know exactly where the issue occurred.

Thanks to Dashbird the time to discover the occurrence of an issue reduced from 2-4 hours to a matter of seconds or minutes. It also means that hundreds of dollars are saved every month.

Great onboarding: it takes just a couple of minutes to connect an AWS account to an organization in Dashbird. The UI is clean and gives a good overview of what is happening with the Lambdas and API Gateways in the account.

I mean, it is just extremely time-saving. It’s so efficient! I don’t think it’s an exaggeration or dramatic to say that Dashbird has been a lifesaver for us.

Dashbird provides an easier interface to monitor and debug problems with our Lambdas. Relevant logs are simple to find and view. Dashbird’s support has been good, and they take product suggestions with grace.

Great UI. Easy to navigate through CloudWatch logs. Simple setup.

Dashbird helped us refine the size of our Lambdas, resulting in significantly reduced costs. We have Dashbird alert us in seconds via email when any of our functions behaves abnormally. Their app immediately makes the cause and severity of errors obvious.