Product News - New Global Search, Improved Live Tailing & Cold Start Detection

We are committed to provide the best serverless monitoring and debugging experience out there. Here’s what we have been working on lately.

See real time logs with improved tailing functionality

We have recently rewritten our tailing functionality in Dashbird, making it more stable and giving you a better understanding what happens.

The new tailing functionality gives you a near real time insights of your running functions, showing you the logs and all other metric needed for the given invocation.

We can also happily announce that we have revamped our search functionality and it’s already offering a lot of new value to our users with the added global search.

This allows you to quickly and painlessly search for a string, id or whatever else you need throughout the logs of all of your serverless functions!

Detect cold starts and retries in your lambda invocations

This is a big one! You can now see in your lambda invocations list what invocations have been retried and which ones have been cold-start invocations.

We aim to improve Dashbird every day and user feedback is extremely important for that, so please let us know if you have any feedback about these improvements and new features! We would really appreciate it!

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