Dashbird now available through AWS Marketplace

Dashbird is now available at AWS Marketplace. This means that now users can subscribe directly through AWS Marketplace and manage the subscription through AWS. You can see the listing and subscribe here.

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As one of the first and most popular serverless visibility services we have seen a lot of interest from users to manage all their services connected to AWS from one place. During the last month, we’ve worked closely with the AWS Marketplace team to make that happen.

Benefits of AWS Marketplace

On top of the added visibity of Dashbird and the trust from being support and examined by AWS Architects, there are some significant advantages to subscribing through AWS Marketplace.

Configure pricing with more precision

In AWS Marketplace you can select your provisioned usage with 5GB precision where each 5GB costs $25 monthly. For example, should you require 10GB of data ingestion, you can buy 2 * 5GB. You can always modify that subscription at any moment and you will be prorated accordingly.

Cloud costs at one place

With AWS Marketplace you can now pay for your Dashbird subscription through your AWS account, meaning that it will just be one line added to the monthly bill there.

Save money with 1, 2 and 3 year commitments.

In AWS Marketplace, you can buy Dashbird for up to 36 months ahead and get a discount on your deal.

Next steps

If you’re just starting out with Dashbird you can sign up through the AWS Marketplace and have the account connected from the get-go. If you’re already on Dashbird, you can subscribe through the Marketplace and it will direct you to the log in view, which will connect your AWS account once you insert your credentials.

Dashbird is the leading service to monitor and get insights into your serverless applications on AWS. You can set it up in 5 minutes (no code changes, just a CF stack deployment) and try it for free for the first 14-days.

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