Insights for AWS Kinesis and Step Functions now supported by Dashbird

We’re very proud to say August 2020 marks three years of Dashbird empowering Serverless DevOps teams to regain control over their distributed application through full observability, actionable insights and instant monitoring alerts.

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First off, we are excited to announce that our industry-standard Serverless Insights feature now supports AWS Kinesis and Step Functions.

Dashbird dashboard

The Insights engine relies on good practices for Well-Architected and performant serverless applications. It constantly monitors your cloud stack and cross-references against these practices to issue alerts and improvement suggestions to keep systems scalable, secure and reliable.

Dashbird Insights now supports Kinesis Data Firehose, Kinesis Data Streams and Step Functions (both Standard and Express workflows).

The platform will automatically generate alerts when a Kinesis Stream is experiencing write throttles or has an insecure encryption setting, for example. With regards to Step Functions workflows, the Insights feature detects errors related to state machine definitions or task execution failures.

Since its inception, Dashbird has committed to providing full visibility for developers over their serverless stacks. This is another step towards this goal, moved by our vision for well-architected and reliable serverless systems.

Step Functions is a powerful orchestration tool for developers to handle the implementation of complex workflows. Kinesis is a key service for large-scale, data-intensive applications. We are thrilled with the addition of these two great services in our Serverless Insights engine.

We digress, try out the new services yourself and start receiving architectural and security insights and alerts tailored to your cloud stack, subscribe to a free account on Dashbird. It only takes 3 minutes, no code changes and no credit card required.

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