Dashbird turns 3: reflecting on the journey, challenges and milestones of the past year

Another year of empowering DevOps teams has passed and what a year it’s been! I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the journey, the milestones and challenges this past year encompassed.

The last year has been our most transformational to date. We’ve had a huge amount of ups and downs and I’m incredibly proud to say that we got through it and our organization is more resilient, more aligned in our vision and closer as a result.

In April, we launched Dashbird 2.0, which was the biggest achievement of the year, of course, alongside our newly launced Dashbird Atlas. Starting three years ago initially with a single vision for Lambda support, we’ve evolved towards an holistic approach for managed cloud services enabling deeper and wider support for more AWS services.

Our learnings showed that no matter the organization size or industry, a similar pattern emerges when it comes to the challenges and needs within the serverless universe. Using this knowledge, we’ve actively shifted away from a dedicated focus on low-level information gathering to a centralized platform taking advantage of and enabling automation, actionable insights and alerting. This means we are able to support a greater surface area in terms of customer base and AWS services. The use of alerting is key to successful monitoring and with our new data, we’re able to double down and dig deeper into the areas in greater need of support.

We are increasingly becoming your one-stop shop for all serverless operational needs; this has undoubtedly been our largest change this year.

As we know though, achievements don’t come without their challenges! Much like countless other businesses, our biggest challenge was going through the Covid-19 crisis and learning how to navigate the change as quickly as possible with minimal disruption. It entirely shifted our hiring process - which we were right in the middle of - as well as our go-to-market approach as in-person interactions were no longer possible. The transition for the company was significant but being nimble and agile, we quickly learnt what was important and adapted to prioritize this.

Looking back on the last year, I’m most proud of the level of maturation Dashbird has achieved. It’s been a long time in the making also requiring the most effort but I’m so pleased to be able to say we are very much on that path of growth and leveling up. A great amount of this is owed to expanding the team with now a four-person strong London-based sales team, an engineering team that has doubled in size, increased focus on marketing and the addition of highly specialised advisors and investors.

By getting the right people into the right roles, we’ve acquired a new level of professionalism, which is tangible in the quality of our customer conversations, the reliability and quality of our service, and the speed at which we’re able to develop our product.

For next year, I’m expecting more of the same! More challenges, achievements, growth and development for the business, the product and all involved. We have a great team that is still expanding, and we’re all excited for the future of Dashbird as we enter into a new phase of growing up together.

A collection of lessons learned at Dashbird after working with 4,000+ customers and 300,000+ Lambda functions

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