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I feel like I have been waiting forever to write this blog post! It finally happened, after changing our pricing model we are proud to announce that Dashbird has a free tier. That’s right, you can start using our serverless monitoring tools, right now, for free and without having to add a credit card to your account.

Free at last. Free at last.

So what do you get with your free Dashbird account? Well, you get most of the features available to the premium packages with the exception of the Full-text search functionality and the data transfer from AWS is limited to one GB/month.

This change is part of a larger shift in Dashbird’s product roadmap and strategy. Dashbird began as a tool to monitor Lambda functions but it quickly evolved past this and we are currently working on integrating AWS event sources to provide full visibility into serverless architecture. Because of this, we will remove the function count restriction and will price our service only based on data ingestion. You can check out the updated pricing structure here.

It’s worth mentioning that Dashbird has introduced a lot of improvements in the last couple of weeks and will continue you to do so at an even quicker pace in the future. Read about our product update for July here.

No matter if you’re part of a large corporation or a hobbyist playing around with serverless - we have seen that Dashbird brings a lot of value in terms of operational stability, quicker development cycles and optimal AWS spend. Dashbird only takes around 2 minutes to set up and it doesn’t require any code changes.

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