Launching our knowledge base

It’s been a long time in the making but after months of pushing it on the back burner, we are finally ready to release our news project.

Serverless technology has evolved at a thrilling pace. As a result of the rapid growth and expansion of this whole new space, many developers felt overwhelmed. Our goal, with this project, is to provide clarity and information to the serverless community by tackling topics that span from the most mundane and simple definitions to some advanced serverless topics.

Sure, most answers can be figured out by running a quick Google search but reliable information is just as common as the unreliable ones so getting the correct answer can be difficult at times.

We felt like we needed to develop a better solution. A central place where developers and serverless enthusiasts can get any information on the latest trends, technologies and architecture design without spending hours digging through the colossal amount of information that’s available online.

This is how we ended up creating the Knowledge Base. It’s open and licensed under Creative Commons.

Knowledge Base covers everything related to web and mobile development. From basic concepts to advanced architectural patterns. Especially related to serverless technologies. We’re writing about reliable cloud services that can enable successful implementations, as well.

It’s still a work in progress and we’ll try to expand it as we move forward with more tutorials and tips that should help both the new serverless developers that are just getting started as well as the more seasoned developers that have been working with serverless since day 1.


Suggestions and contributions from the development community are more than welcome. Please create an issue if you have anything to share!

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