Migrating from IOpipe to Dashbird

There’s been a lot of talk about the acquisition of IOpipe by the giant of observability, New Relic. IOpipe has been launched soon after AWS made public its Lambda service and raised around $7 million.

Since IOpipe is going soon to retire their service, their users can choose to move over to New Relic where they can be carefully taken care of and while this is a great option, keep in mind that New Relic is not a serverless specific platform and you’d be looking at a bump in price that will be hard to ignore.

If you are looking for an alternative that’s focused solely on serverless monitoring and observability, has a team of awesome people behind it that work every day to improve the application and is reasonably priced, look no forward than Dashbird.io

Dashbird.io started in early 2017 when the founders were in the difficult position of building a serverless application that relies on AWS Lambda but had no tools at their disposal so, just like every developer out there faced with the lack of tooling, built their own platform. It quickly began being the “goto tool for serverless monitoring” not just for them but for big names in the serverless community.

As of today, we have over 5000 AWS accounts connected to Dashbird and the thousands of developers now using the platform, development is moving faster than ever with new features being announced almost every month.

Dashbird offers lots of features to developers looking to improve and optimize the speed and cost of their serverless application but besides the monitoring options, it offers a great Error detection and debugging solution that will ease the pain of detecting and figuring out errors in your serverless application, an alerting system that will let you sleep easy at nights and a Live tailing feature that will tell you exactly what’s going on behind the scenes at any given time.

While change is part of every aspect of life, it is often hard to accept. Changing serverless monitoring providers is not something to fear especially since Dashbird will help you get set up and on your way to a simpler, better, more intuitive serverless monitoring and observability platform. Sign up now! It only takes a couple of minutes!

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