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Latest articles

Serverless Monitoring Tools 2018

Here are your options to monitor your AWS Lambda functions in 2018.

What Is AWS Lambda And Why You Need It In 2018

In short, AWS Lambda is a Serverless computing platform that Amazon introduced in 2014 and that has been gaining a lot of traction over recent years – and for a good reason!

How to Track Performance and Errors of a Serverless Project

List of benefits and a quick walkthrough for setting up a monitoring dashboard for your Serverless project.

Log based monitoring for AWS Lambda

Dashbird is a service that approaches monitoring and error-tracking by collecting and analyzing CloudWatch logs.

4 Tools For Building Production Serverless Architectures with Lambda – Dashbird

Working with serverless is great when you find the right tools that work for you. Check out these tools to take your lambdas to the next level!

Serverless Security Trends to Considerations

Security is always going to be a concern for big companies and with serverless things, while different, present the same problem

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Our history and present are deeply rooted in building large-scale cloud applications on state-of-the-art technology. Dashbird was born out of our own need and we take pride in being developers.

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Gus Gordon

Dashbird helped us refine the size of our Lambdas, resulting in significantly reduced costs. We have Dashbird alert us in seconds via email when any of our functions behaves abnormally. Their app immediately makes the cause and severity of errors obvious.