Starting up - Dashbird’s Birth & Progress in 2017

This past year has been a crazy roller coaster with Dashbird and 2018 isn’t showing signs of slowing down either, so I took some time to write down what we have achieved so far …for history’s sake.

Idea and start of development - Mid-December 2016

The idea for creating a product like Dashbird came to us in the end of 2016 and it was really out of necessity. We were working with AWS Lambda and loved the whole Serverless framework and where it’s going, but we saw that there were virtually no monitoring or debugging tools for it out there. We wanted to build a Serverless computing monitoring platform that would start out by solving our own problems with AWS Lambda and then cover other Serverless services too.

Founded Dashbird - March 2017

So, after countless hours of shower-thinking sessions and heavy discussions over beers, we decided to take the leap into the unknown and go all-in with Dashbird. There is a saying that entrepreneurship is about jumping into the water and then learning to swim. It sure felt like that back in March!

Private beta - May 2017

After a few months of heavy hacking, we were ready to launch private beta. It was a proud moment filled with hope and unicorn fantasies. Thanks to BetaList and Producthunt, we managed to get the first users on the service and collected a ton of valuable feedback.

Public launch - August 2017

We went public with Dashbird and almost instantly got our first paying customers thanks to - this article in Serverless blog. This was the moment that we realized: “Oh shit, I think we’re on to something”.

Currently over 300 users, MRR $3300, 13 paying accounts, 30+ weekly signups, churn rate 0%

After the launch and first paying customers, we honestly have just been hustling and working towards building Dashbird into a company it deserves to be. We concluded our first year (it has actually been less than 6 months since the product launch) with 13 paying accounts, 0% churn rate and accelerating signup growth.

We feel that this is going to be the ride of our lives and we have so much exciting stuff to announce in coming weeks. Keep an eye on these hungry birds!

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