The Ultimate Guide to Serverless Monitoring Platforms

Technology touches almost every corner of the world economy. Even when it’s an indirect relation, in many cases tech is an essential, vital part of our societies. It just can’t fail without causing too much distress and losses. Not only financially, but especially to the human aspect.

As the world is increasingly reliant on technology, software developers, cloud architects, and DevOps practitioners bear a responsibility similar to that of the health industry or to airplane pilots, for example.

In this reality, cloud monitoring isn’t optional, it’s a matter of being professional. What optional, however, is what solution to go for. Obviously, the one that best fits your specific needs but which one is it? Starting from the very basics, we recently compared Dashbird against AWS CloudWatch.

To contribute a little more to this decision-making process, the table below covers some of the most prominent serverless monitoring tools out there. To be fair, they are all amazing services with outstanding teams behind them and we’re proud to be on this market alongside them. If you’d like to find out more about each directly from the makers, check out this Serverless Observability Special webinar, hosted by Serverless Nordic.

The purpose of this table is to help you identify what better suits the particular needs of your team and application.

serverless monitoring platforms comparison

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