What Is AWS Lambda And Why You Need It In 2018

What is AWS Lambda?

In short, AWS Lambda is a Serverless computing platform that Amazon introduced in 2014 and that has been gaining a lot of traction over recent years - and for a good reason! AWS Lambda is event-driven backend service that runs code only in response to triggers, and it automatically manages the resources required by that code. This new way of handling backend code offers a ton of new benefits for software products and services worldwide.

The main benefits of using AWS Lambda:

There’s no need for DevOps in the world of Lambda

You don’t need to manage servers and worry about scaling your infrastructure up and down. The code gets served only when it’s actually used and Amazon takes care of the scaling. This means that your backend systems will be more resilient and you don’t need to hire new people to be responsible for it.

More efficient and agile development

Since you don’t have to worry about scaling the infrastructure with every new piece of functionality you want to add to your application, you can be agile and experiment with your product or service more freely. It makes software development much faster and efficient.

It’s fair - only pay for what you use

Why didn’t anyone think about this before? Only paying when the code is used makes so much more sense than owning or renting servers that you also have to manage. Welcome to 2018!

Build profitable products, services, applications

Since you only pay for functions that are getting used by your end-users, you can be sure that your infra costs won’t get out of hands before you even have any customers on your service/product/application. The infra costs will run in line with the actual usage and that’s very important for new startups that are trying to get off the ground with limited funds.

Sleep well at nights

When using AWS Lambda, you are responsible only for your own code and you don’t have to worry about anything else. Of course, shit happens and your code is never perfect, but we’ve got you covered with that as well - use Dashbird to monitor your Lambda functions and to spot (and fix) possible errors in your code.

In conclusion, AWS Lambda is starting to become the new industry standard for the way backend architecture is handled in software development. If you want to have a competitive edge, you really should consider using it!

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