Serverless observability made simple

Observability into your application is crucial for knowing what's going on behind the scenes in a serverless environment.

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System wide information

With Dashbird you get all the relevant account, service and function level metrics enabling you to analyze and optimize your application performance, cost, and resources.

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Function Invocation analysis

Get observability into your serverless application by having a clear insight into memory usage, status information, invocation duration and any other errors that might occur.

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Microservice monitoring

With Dashbird you'll be able to create projects for a particular function that make up a microservice allowing you to have better observability of the bigger picture.

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What makes us different?

Easy to set up

Dashbird requires no code changes to your Lambdas. Instead, you’ll have to deploy a preconfigured CloudFormation template.

Built for serverless

Dashbird started from a team building large serverless applications at scale. It solves real-world and current development problems.

Our users love us

We’re on a mission to help as many companies succeed with serverless as possible. Over a 1000 companies already use Dashbird.

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