How does it work?

Dashbird does not require any instrumentation from you. Instead, we provide a CloudFormation stack that will connect your cloud logs and metrics to our monitoring infrastructure. This is an automated process that takes less than 5 minutes.

Dashbird requires limited read-only access to your AWS account to collect the data. Click here for detailed instructions about our integration process and CloudFormation stack.

Which functions are we importing?

Dashbird polls lambda functions from all regions after a fixed interval of 10 minutes. By default, all functions are imported. It’s possible to create custom importing limits from the client settings.

AWS Lambda Monitoring

Dashbird periodically polls your AWS account for data. Security is of utmost importance to us! All the data we receive is encrypted and stored safely in region us-east-1.

The exact polling interval is configurable by the user from the app. By default, we list resources every 30 minutes.

Polling adheres to AWS limits and we track each and every throttle error from the AWS API, doing our best not to overwhelm them. However, if there are other services using the same client APIs, then throttles might still occur.

After importing the first batch of logs, an aggregator starts going through all imported data and extracting metrics by each invocation. The Aggregator detects the result, duration, memory usage, and other meaningful information about the invocation.

Other Cloud Resources

Similar to AWS Lambda logs, Dashbird also polls AWS on a regular basis to collect metrics from all your cloud components: SQS queues, API Gateways, ECS containers, Kinesis streams, StepFunctions, etc.

You can select the most suitable polling interval for each type of resource:

SQS Polling Interval Customization
SQS Polling Interval Customization


After collection, the metrics data goes through Dashbird internal algorithms to identify potential faults, policy violations, performance degradation, etc. When applicable, our system will generate proactive alerts.

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