To configure X-Ray integration on an AWS Lambda function:

  • Open the AWS Lambda console
  • Choose your function
  • Choose Configuration -> Monitoring and operations tools -> Edit
  • Under AWS X-ray, choose Active tracing and click ‘Save’.

More information and detailed instructions on how to further benefit from X-ray can be found here:

How does it work?

Dashbird automatically detects X-Ray-enabled functions. When opening an invocation from a Lambda with X-Ray, it will fetch tracing data and combine with Lambda logs so that all information is available in an easy to consume way.


AWS X-Ray is a powerful tool that provides tracing data throughout the life of an AWS invocation. It can also show you the duration metrics to different services. For example, X-Ray can show how long a database query takes, or a third party HTTP API latency.


X-Ray also supports custom traces, meaning data you want to manually track. Dashbird shows all this and gives you a really easy way to understand where time is lost and what actually failed.


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