Free Plan

Dashbird is free to use for up to 1 million invocations per month. You can monitor as many Lambdas as you need, but some advanced features are missing, such as X-Ray integration and global full-text search.

Dashbird will suspend free accounts that are inactive for a certain period of time. An account is considered inactive if no users signed in for more than 30 days.

Professional Plan

This plan includes support to advanced features, such as X-Ray integration, global full-text search, longer data retention policy and dedicated technical support.

Dashbird charges depending on how much log data your Lambdas generate (in gigabytes per month). In the Professional plan, you will choose how much data your application needs in order to determine the final monthly or annual subscription price.

Enterprise Plan

In the Enterprise plan, you and your team will count on:

  • Enhanced scalability power
  • Custom data retention periods
  • Dashbird experience to advise on the monitoring implementation for your projects
  • Training and onboarding for your team
  • Custom SLA’s

Get in touch with our team in case you are interested in the Enterprise plan.


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