Dashbird Events Service

The Events dashboard in Dashbird provides in-depth details about all the errors, warnings, alarms, and insights that are detected in the associated AWS account.  

On the panel, on the left hand, you can see all the errors, warnings, and insights listed down. You can easily sort the listing by:

  1. Last Occurance
  2. Occurrence count
  3. Alphabetically

You can search for a specific keyword using the search bar at the top to filter our results. Results can be also be filtered by: 

  1. Status (open/resolved)
  2. Type (error, warning, alarm, insight)
  3. Severity (critical, warning, info)

☝️ You are able to select multiple errors, warnings, insights and mark them as resolved or turn off further notifications for the selected error.

On selecting an event, the panel at the right provides a comprehensive view that displays all the information collected by Dashbird related to that error. This view shows:

  1. Total error count for the specific error
  2. First and last occurrence of the error
  3. Type (memory, timeout, config, etc)
  4. Severity (critical, warning)
  5. Region

☝️ You can use the date range selector to look at errors occurring within a specific date range.

Under the Stack Trace section, you get the respective output of the error that was received.

All individual invocations of the error are listed under the Occurrences section.

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