Managing users

Users and permissions can only be managed by the organization owner. Users&Permissions can be found under “Settings” -> “Organization” –> “Users & permissions”.

In this section you can:

  • Add new users
  • Edit current users permissions
  • Delete users

User permissions

Dashbird has 4 different user types: Owner, Admin, User and View Only.

View Only User Admin Owner
Billing X
Invoices X
Payment methods X
Usage report X
Add new user X
Assign accounts X
Make Owner or Admin X
Make User or View Only X
Remove user X
Deactivate user X
Manage accounts X
Suspend Dashbird organisation X
Add AWS account X
Remove AWS account X
Integrated services (polling, filtering) X X
Add notification channel X X X
Delete notification channel X X
Add,edit,delete policy X X
Resolve & Mute X X X
Add, edit, delete Alarm X X X
Add, edit remove Resource Groups X X X
Dashboard View Only X X X
Inventory View Only X X X
Events View Only X X X
Alarms View Only X X X
WA Lens View Only X X X
Resource group View Only X X X
Search View Only X X X

We aim to improve Dashbird every day and user feedback is extremely important for that, so please let us know if you have any feedback about our features and error handling! We would really appreciate it!


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