Setting up Dashbird

Getting started with Dashbird is really simple and will only take 2-minutes.

  • Go to and click on “Quick start” or just click HERE which will take you to signup page.
getting started with dashbird
  • You’ll be asked to provide an email and password. In case you’ve already done that please sign in here and continue to the next step.
sign up to dashbird
  • After confirming your email you’ll be redirected to the following screen. Enter a suitable name for your organization. Then click “next”.
dashbird onboarding
  • Next, enter a name for your project and select what you are expecting to get by using Dashbird.
dashbird onboarding
  • Now we connect our AWS account with Dashbird. Dashbird has created a CloudFormation template that automatically creates a role in your AWS account delegating read-only access to various services in your account. Dashbird uses this role to get the metrics, logs, and traces data for the services in your account.
  • Just click on the “Add Dashbird CloundFormation Stack to AWS” link and you’ll be redirected to CloudFormation Console in your account. There click on the create stack and Dashbird stack will be created shortly. Once the stack is created you just have to copy the DashbirdDelegationRole ARN from the outputs tabs in the CloudFormation console and submit it in the dashbird’s onboarding as can be seen below.
aws dashbird
CloudFormation stack
cloudformation aws
  • We are finally done with the onboarding process with just one last step left. After you have submitted the ARN and clicked next dashbird will now automatically fetch metrics, logs, and traces information of the resources in your account. This step will take only a couple of minutes. Once complete you’ll be redirected to the Dashbird dashboard. And that’s it – after the 2-minute onboarding process you are done and can start debugging and working with your data immediately!
dashbird onboarding data

Dashbird works by collecting logs, metrics and listing resources under your AWS account. To do that, we need limited access to your account. After completing the registration form a custom CloudFormation template is generated for you. For details of what this template contains, check out this cloudformation template.

It can take a few minutes until the stack creation completes.


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